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The Company
Our Story


For over twenty years the main goal of EXCEL NOBLEZA has been to offer solutions to the packaging problems its customers might have. These high quality flexible packaging products include various types of labels, bags for special purposes and sophisticated printed structures that are supported permanently with innovations that offer to our clients the distinction for their products they are looking for and a favorable surprise to their customers. Excel Nobleza has been very careful in the selection and constant training of its staff under rigorous programs.

Mission & Vision


To provide solutions in printing and flexible packaging creating value for our staff, customers, suppliers and shareholders, respecting the environment and contributing to the progress of the community.


Being a world class leader in Mexico in printing and flexible packaging and internationally recognized for its technology , innovation and specific timely and intelligent solutions.

Our Values


  • Respect for people
  • Integrity
  • Work
  • Attitude 
  • Professionalism
  • Customer focused
  • Innovation
  • Result oriented
  • Socially responsible


From the beginning, our main target has been to solve the flexible packaging problems of our customers. The production of plastic packaging materials using the best quality processes, including several kinds of labels and bags.



Gerente Comercial - Q.A. Jorge Mancera Rodriguez
“En los 5 años que llevamos trabajando con Excel Nobleza como nuestro proveedor de material de empaque, hemos comprobado que es una de las empresas que más empeño ha puesto en la calidad de sus productos y de su servicio; ya que constantemente nos consultan la manera como podrían mejorar y constatamos como lo llevan a cabo. Estamos muy satisfechos ya que gracias a su formalidad hemos podido cumplir con nuestros compromisos comerciales y nuestros consumidores constantemente elogian la calidad de nuestro empaque. Enhorabuena y sigan con el buen trabajo!”

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Kilómetro 101

Tepanco de López, Puebla.

Phone: +52 2383 8374 33